Monday, June 29, 2009

60x60 Dance @ the Winter Garden, NYC (11/14/08) [McLean/RETTOCAMME]

Inside the Hadronron Collider
Music: Jordan McLean
Dance: Emma Cotter / RETTOCAMME

INSIDE THE HADRON COLLIDER for 9 trumpets and ring modulator Inspired by the National Geographic article about the world's largest atom smasher. Jordan McLean has been a band leader and trumpeter for over 15 years and lead trumpeter and charter member of Antibalas. RETTOCAMME is a process-oriented dance/art/design group, founded in NYC, 2003, by Emma Cotter. Recent performances have included 60X60 at Galapagos, the Solar Powered Dance series at Solar One and collaborations with Manhattan Samba at the Jonathan Shorr Gallery and McCarren Pool. Dancer Emma Cotter

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