Thursday, May 28, 2009

60x60 Dance @ the Winter Garden, NYC (11/14/08) [Luciw/Perry]

Altered Reversal
Music: Sean Luciw
Dance: Amiti Perry

"Altered Reversal combines the altered jazz chord arpeggios with reversed chaos. Sean Luciw is liberated from analog by digital, and liberated from digital by analog. Amiti Perry received her BFA in Dance from the University of North Texas (’98); MFA in Choreography from The Ohio State University (’06). She is Artistic Director of æmp:dance; co-director of the Uptown Performance Series at Bridge for Dance; performs with ESS/DanceWorks and seen performance. She is currently collaborating with composer David Morneau on an evening-length work A/Break: premiering Fall 2009. Dancers: Amy Campell, Stephanie Fagen, Sarah Lehman, Amiti Perry"

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