Sunday, October 18, 2009

60x60 Dance @ Galapagos, NYC (4/8/09) [McIntire/Painter]

Was Er Sagte, Was Er Bedeutete
Music: David McIntire
Dance: Jen Painter

David D. McIntire was born in upstate New York and trained on the clarinet. He became fascinated with electronic music at an early age and later wore out many razor blades in pursuit of that discipline. He has played in the Colorblind James Experience and is currently a DMA candidate at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Was Er Sagte, Was Er Bedeutete (What He said, What He Meant) was composed in response to certain U.S. government policies. The title is in German since the work was first presented to a German audience, and because the speaking official is wanted for war crimes in that country. The work uses samples from thanvannispen, ashassin, and FreqMan of the Freesound Project.

Jen Painter is a dancer/choreographer based in Astoria. She is active in her community arts scene, as well as in the greater New York area. She has enjoyed working with artists such as Skip Costa, Te Perez, and Valerie Green , and companies such as Wobble and Seen Performance. She is currently dancing with Valerie Green Dance Entropy, and enjoying the new and unique challenges that choreographing her own work presents. Venues she has enjoyed performing at include LPAC, Triskellion, Galapagos, and Luna Lounge, not to mention various other bars, parks, and piers. Jen is also a certified Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis instructor.
Dancer: Jen Painter

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