Wednesday, October 14, 2009

60x60 Dance @ Galapagos, NYC (4/8/09) [Bailey/Belman]

Separation Anxiety
Music: Thomas Bailey
Dance: Rodger Belman

Thomas Bey William Bailey is a nomadic, multi-disciplinary artist concerned with the limits of perception, synaesthesia, etc. His work questions the notion of Îprogress at any cost,â and his sound pieces aim to reintegrate people with the Îmicroâ and Îmacroâ aspects of life, which are lost among daily social contact. Separation Anxiety is a jolting minute inspired by a quote from Slavoj Zizek regarding anxiety, and by the composerâs personal struggles with the condition noted in the title. Separation Anxiety is a highly compressed/ truncated translation into Îraw soundâ of continually firing nervous tics and almost palpable premonitions.

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