Thursday, October 08, 2009

60x60 Dance @ Galapagos, NYC (4/8/09) [Lella/Petitt]

Music: Graziano Lella
Dance: Tamora Petitt

Graduate in astrophysics, self taught bassist, Graziano Lella studied saxophone at the SMPT in Rome. Starting in 2006, he entered an audiovisual collective together with video artists Studio Brutus and Citrullo International. Their work H2O has been presented in the following festivals: Torino Film Festival, Roma Film Festival, Live!iXem, Netmage, Optronica, Sonar Film Festival, Cyborg Film Festival, and Annecy Animation Film Festival. His music attempts to fill existence with immanence and to express its strength and depth. It expresses the process of becoming a man, the continuous self-consistent intensity, where forms change and dissolve in the flow of becoming, as if they were pure micro-metamorphous.

Tamora Satterfield graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BFA in Modern Dance Performance. Since moving to New York City, Tamora has worked with Young Soon Kim, Steeledance and Stephan Koplowitz among others. Tamora is one of four founding members of the Deliquescent Dance Ensemble, which continues as a duet with fellow founding member Stephanie Dixon under the name Deliquescent Designs.
Performers:Tamora Petitt and Stephanie Dixon

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