Wednesday, September 23, 2009

60x60 Dance @ Galapagos, NYC (4/8/09) [Geers/Levine]

Verbosity Ore
Music: Doug Geers
Dance: Abigail Levine

Douglas Geers is a composer who works extensively with technology in composition, performance, and multimedia collaborations. He particularly enjoys manipulating sound color, both in instrumental and electronic music media. A former guitarist, the laptop is now his primary instrument. Currently, Geers is a professor of music at the University of Minnesota, where he founded and directs the annual Spark Festival. Verbosity Ore follows one short path unpacked from a thumbprint of music. Nearly all the sounds of the piece were created by manipulating a recording of one vocalist singing one word.

Abigail Levine has made dances for subway stations, swimming pools, sidewalks, airports, office buildings, gardens, galleries and theaters in New York City, Washington DC, Havana, Caracas, Mexico City and Taipei. Upcoming performances include Prisma Forum in Mexico City and Oaxaca (July 2009), the benefit launch of a new performance company, Move the House (May 14) and the creation of Soundtrack Q, a carnivalesque performance ride along the length of the Q subway line (from Carnegie Hall to Coney Island) with an original soundtrack played through audience members' ipods.
Performers: Navild Acosta, Amelia Uzategui Bonilla, Abigail Levine, Jimmy Smith, Despina Sophia Stamos and Storme Sundberg

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