Wednesday, August 19, 2009

60x60 Dance @ Galapagos, NYC (4/7/09) [Ashley/Bufferd]

They Saw That They Were Naked
Music: Dwight Ashley
Dance: Emily Bufferd

Although Dwight Ashley has been a composer and recording artist for more than 25 years, he made none of his work public until 1991, when his first collaboration with Tim Story, "A Desperate Serenity," was released on the Multimood label. In June 2004, Ashley made his solo debut with "Discrete Carbon," released by Nepenthe Music. Ashley followed with two more solo projects, "Four" in 2005, and "Ataxia" in 2006, and has done additional collaborations with Story. They Saw That They Were Naked is an orchestral piece, written for strings, bass trombone, and glockenspiel.

Since 2008, BEings has been presenting dance meant to engage its viewer on an intimate level. We aim to produce work that is relevant and relatable in order to leave the viewer with a feeling of understanding. It is of utmost importance to allow our audience to experience the vulnerability that is produced by putting a feeling onstage and become relatable on a human level. From this principle, our name is found. BEings aims to put our thoughts into action by integrating a wide spread dance vocabulary towards the work
Dancers: Missy Wujek, Jessica Chou, Cat Cogliandro, Philip Northington, Kyle Vaughn, Jonathan Hoover

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