Thursday, August 13, 2009

60x60 Dance @ Galapagos, NYC (4/7/09) [Parks/Palmer]

Sul C
Music: Ronald Keith Parks
Dance: Esther Palmer

Ronald Keith Parks has composed orchestral, chamber, vocal, electroacoustic, and interactive computer music which has been featured at SCI conferences, FEMF, SEAMUS, ICMC, and many recitals and concerts. Recent honors include the Aaron Copland Award, the Winthrop Outstanding Junior Faculty Award, a NeXT Ens commission, and an SCMTNA Commission. His music is available on the EMF label. Parks is an assistant professor of music composition and Director of the Winthrop Computer Music Labs at Winthrop University. Sul C is an exploration of the sound possibilities that exist along the C string of the cello.

Esther m Palmer explores philosophical connections between people through performance. She founded Seen Performance with David Morneau and Shana McKay Burns to help define this process through cross-disciplinary collaboration. While working on her MFA in Dance and Technology at OSU, Esther developed an approach to creating performance through methodologies borrowed from disciplines outside dance. Early on, she fell in love with the idea of dance as a broader art from through improvisation, which was introduced to her as a method of performed composition by Penny Campbell. Esther keeps this spirit of improvisation in all of her performance work.
Dancer: Esther m Palmer

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