Friday, July 24, 2009

60x60 Dance @ Galapagos, NYC (4/7/09) [Todd/Cotter]

De and Reconstruction
Music: Balie Todd
Dance: Emma Cotter/RETTOCAMME

Balie Todd graduated from MTSU with a recording degree in 2004. Afterward he sold shoes, got fired from a country club, and worked with an audio and engineering company for television and radio. He loves unmarketable music and looks for chances to put it to film, tv, and video games. De and Reconstruction began as ambience for a short film. Samples of low moans and growls were run through a spectral EQ, as though a door was opening into something new. The percussive jabber is a two minute long chorus sampled with sixteenth notes cut and played one after the other.

RETTOCAMME is a process-oriented dance/art/design group founded by Emma Cotter in 2003 in NYC.Most recently, RETTOCAMME presented the first installment of "The February Project" at Triskelion Arts, an evening length collaboration with composer Jordan McLean and visual artist Ryan Roth, created andperformed by four dancers, four musicians and four photographers. Dancers: Emma Cotter, Elisa LaBelle

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